welcome home.
Home of Christ in Fremont


what to expect


We know it can be stressful and awkward visiting a new church for the first time...


...so, we wanted to make it as easy as possible by giving you an idea of what you might find here at Home of Christ in Fremont!


When's church? 

We have our regular Sunday morning service at 11AM every Sunday. 

But if you want to join in on our Sunday School class (9:30AM), we encourage and welcome you to do so! We have two different classes - one for middle school/junior high students, and another one for everybody else!

And of course, we have our Young Adult small group on Wednesday nights, and our Youth Group and Adult bible studies on Friday nights. Our Families fellowship group meets on only the first Saturday of each month



Where's the sanctuary? 

Once you've parked, you want to make your way to the nearest entrance. 

If you're coming from the WEST entrance (closer to the FUSD school district building), the sanctuary is right in front of you. Welcome!

If you're coming from the EAST entrance (closer to the MicroWaves office building), the sanctuary is just a short trip away. You can simply ask a friendly face for the English sanctuary and they'll be happy to direct you to the right place.  

You should see a friendly face next to the sanctuary doors available to give you more information and show you to an open seat. 



What about my kids? 

Great question!

If you desire to leave your children (36 months and under) in the nursery, you'll find it right down the hall from our sanctuary. Just ask an usher to direct you there before service starts at 11AM. Our nursery is staffed with loving caretakers who provide a safe, fun, and secure environment. Parents also help out on a rotating basis. And if you and/or your child are not ready to let go just yet - never fear! You are more than welcome to stick around and enjoy the nursery time with them!

Sunday School is held for children of all ages (36 months and above) during the 11AM service, including preschool and kindergarten. All of our Sunday School rooms are located in the education wing just a couple doors away from the nursery. Just ask an usher for directions. Each class is taught by caring members of Home of Christ 3 who lead each child to progressively discover who Jesus is and what the Bible is all about. All the children come together for a joint worship session at 12PM, hear a short message, take offering, and they end around 12:30PM (the same time the English service ends). 




Our focus on Sundays is glorifying/worshipping God and edifying the church body through preaching. 

Our services are structured to be more reverential towards a Holy God, to help us get our eyes off of ourselves and onto Him. We're intentional about not striving to be perfect and adding a lot of pomp and pageantry to the service. Our worship is meant to be centered on God. We do have a worship team (which typically includes vocalists, acoustic guitar, drums, and keyboard) that helps lead us into a time of musical worship prior to a gospel-centered sermon delivered by one of our amazing pastoral staff.

We do receive an offering during the worship time, but please don't feel uncomfortable with this! We believe giving is for people who are committed to Home of Christ 3, and so we don't expect visitors to give an offering until they are ready to be committed to our congregation! Our service typically lasts about 1 hour and 30 minutes.



Should i dress uP?

Most people dress according to their own comfort levels, but it’s entirely up to you. On Sunday mornings, you will find men and women in suits and dresses as well as in slacks, jeans and sandals. Of course, we do welcome people to dress in a fashion that they believe honors God in the best way possible. After all, we're here to worship a Holy God!




Fortunately for you, no! We don’t want to embarrass you by singling you out like that. BUT we would ask that you fill out the welcome card given to you by the ushers, pastoral staff, or any of our delightful members SO THAT we can get to know you better, send you more information about HOC3, and answer any specific questions you might have. If you should request prayer or a pastoral visit, we would like to accommodate your needs.


Thank YOU!


We hope you find your visit to HOC3 welcoming and encouraging as we edify and help one another to be more joyous and passionate followers of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!